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The Gorilla

A what could have been human tragic ,a 400 pound Silverback gorilla had been put to death to save a four-year-old child because of some trifling parenting. This what happens when children are neglected for whatever reasons as much as falling into a pit with a gorilla…
Now you have STUPID protesters wishing that the gorilla was tranquilized and the zoo professionals not knowing the EXACT, lengthy time for the tranquilizer to activate… That’s to say by the protesters, “Take even more chances to save a child life” that is in serious danger…
Protesters are saying the gorilla is protecting the child, though the gorilla was dragging the child feet first through rocky water, causing the child to be breathless & possibly drowning & head trauma…
People are truly barbaric. People are now more concern saving the gorilla verses the child… They should be protesting making the zoo child proof instead of acting like the animals they are ,no compassion for a child ,but a protest for a dangerous gorilla…
Only in America where priorities don’t matter… No justice for black lives or any children, no matter what nationality ,but want to punish the saviors who rescued the child… FUCK THESE PROTESTERS .
Who you rather save first in a real life situation threatened by a 400 pound Silverback? In the face of an animal, that’s dangerous & possible killer situation? Do you chance and trust a tranquilizer or don’t take unnecessary chances & put the man-eater down, permanently? Which is it, the child or THE GORILLA.

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