Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Friendly material

Whatcha want with me? You don’t like me or anything I say ,so why friend me…
I would like to give you an invitation to friend me, but its unlikely ,because of the bullshit comments you leave aren’t to my liken, therefore you won’t ever be my social media friend… If, I know you personally then we’ll stay that way outside of my social media living… That’s how muhfuckas become to unfriend me, fucken with me in my comment box with your silly shit, meaningless bullshit…
It all makes me wonder whom you work for, some sort of informant or investigator …as if, I’m a usual suspect of some sort.
Niggas, online seeking friends that aren’t worthy of being a friend of no kind, cyber or real. Besides, this the best way for you to even read this, directly from the website, because aslong you aren’t my Facebook friend, you can’t see this to interact with me or my social media friends. Too bad, you just not FRIENDLY MATERIAL.




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