Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Type Amen.

What’s all that for we see on Facebook, because people might have an awkward look you think, because of their certain facial structure & look, you assume something is TOTALLY wrong with their physicality… But I know ,It’s something wrong with your HANDICAP silly looking asses… Some people that have an abnormal appearance to YOU muhfuckas, may not see themselves as handicap or special nshit… I know some people personally, label as Down Syndromes and fully capable of being independent… Muhfuckas like you niggas always finding what you believe is something wrong, to get others to feel sympathy for people that don’t feel handicap themselves…
I don’t feel shit for you muhfuckas! And you think you’re normal…
You niggas are the handicaps mufuckas, if you really want to know the truth… #clueless
Now! Let me see YOU retarded muhfuckas TYPE AMEN.



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