Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

It’s frustrating shopping with most women ,which I called it an outtin for the day. Cause it’s an all day event, a woman looking for ONE damn outfit without a clue until she hits the mall and every fucken store going zero to a hundred, shopping real slow.
I prefer sincerely she doesn’t ask me for my opinion about this or that outfit & what looks good or perfect on her. Especially when she’s moved into the fitting room where everything goes wrong far as the original, default normal man is concerned… Not the nowadays cross dresser & his opinion… My God,that’s an disaster waiting to happen to have one of them out the box kinda niggas helping her along the way and deciding what she should buy… Fuck that!!! Seriously, if I was asked what should she wear.. I would point out the first shit I see and I’ll say what most guys would I know with wives or girlfriends.






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