Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

It’s good you muhfuckas feels good about yourselves & have an ounce of self-esteem because it isn’t nobody duty to make you feel good other than how you want to feel about you…
As for me, I don’t give a fuck what’s said about me that I haven’t exposed myself… I’m at the age shit doesn’t matter as to what I’ve did as a younger man… So, fuck rather you are opinionated or not about me… Now, back to you muhfuckas, I’m not talking personalities or beauty on the inside… I’m talking exterior, especially bitches thinking you are pretty & always puckering, your injected asses & imperfect lips💋 . You always trying to do too much for selfies nshit… You long tall sally looking bitches need fixing your faces because somebody told you wrong, it is such a thing call ugliness, you’re it. The word does exist and so does your physical appearance just look in the mirror… Bitch you ugly, no doubt about it… The truth is nobody wants to give you an honest opinion when you asked are you beautiful.  The answer is hell no and they aren’t honest muhfuckas with you because they value your feelings and want to sympathize with your asses… so they keep the truth hid & too embarrass, to be honest… But I’ll tell you bold blonde bitches thinking you fine nshit… Got your lips on the camera lenses with your multiple color braids nshit,not all hair du’s look good on you either… That’s mainly the problem right there, you thinking you are Beyonce in black, nshit & you are not… So, YES, MUHFUCKAS YOU UGLY.




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