Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

It doesn’t mix regardless what you muhfuckas says… Niggas prays for money and any material shit that ls in their favor … Asking a nigga to pray for you on Facebook and meaning it, because you’re ill, is like a nigga making & keeping a promise to help a woman & her kids… But the majority of niggas aren’t sincere, it’s all procrastinating that day forward… Prey is what you are to praying niggas, cause soon as you die the buzzards and vultures are coming for your pickens nshit… Every muhfucka is coming out the woods to stake a claim nshit & you can best believe at least one is greedy and one is already stealing in secrecy or plotting too…
Everybody knows the characteristics of the most conniving family members rather its  siblings or a cousin, uncle whatever the relationship is… That’s the one time a friend has no place at the family hearing reading of the will because the family will not honor a family member request for a friend. Especially, if the friend is awarded any inheritance from family…  That shit would be contested.
I pray too, though it’s been said long ago… ” watch what you pray for” . Fuck those pretending to love & care for you unconditionally. Lying Muhfuckas! They never loved you like that and hoping they name is mention as the muhfucka that been there for you and wasn’t… Watch them plotting ass, thoughtless NIGGAS & THEIR PRAYERS.









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