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Facebook squatters

You see them,the muhfuckas without a profile,no pic ,no synopsis . These are muhfuckas that eyeball everybody else’s page… Muhfuckas, just want to be able to say “I’m a member”  I believe their only concern is not to feel left out…
Spies & stalkers!!! Niggas has problems interacting with members on their own page, as if, they’re illiterate and scared to type one word… It’s like they’re embarrassed if they have a speech impediment or typing impediments, if such,Lol.
What can you say to these peek-a-boos page peeping muhfuckas…  Holler at they ass with letter CAPS, ordering them to say something just to know if their page is real & not the robotic puppet page.
To me, it seems they don’t have a friend or life in the real world. So they join a SOCIAL network and don’t socialize… Maybe, they have nothing in common with the millions of users. Maybe they found out it’s probably best to stay silent… Could it be they can’t spell shit? Or too embarrassed, needing someone to type their thoughts for them?
I can speculate all day, won’t change a thing… Fucken FACEBOOK SQUATTERS.






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