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Muhammad Ali

The greatest game changer in history a prime example of national leadership standing on principle… A role model and one of the two greatest self-promoters. The other was James Brown… The two biggest name in mass media black & white long before Facebook nshit…
How dare anyone called him other than his name… Cassius Clay was his slave name just as the name I have now… An English given name at birth are names of slave owners and plantation owners… He whoops a muhfucka once for disrespecting his name,a known nigga in the boxing world I rather leave him nameless,I’m sure black people know the name of that coon that disrespected Ali & paid the price for it with a T.K.O.
It’s a got damn shame for any black person to act a nigga and disrespect a man by not calling any person by the name they wishfully ask everyone to respect… Kkaren, that’s definitely not a black name because your parents named you Kkaren… If you were to change your name ,I’m sure all of us would respect you and not call you Bitch,Chick,Cathy, Gloria or any other shit you wished for us not to call you … You don’t know his mother to say she named him “Cassius Clay”. I’m just saying. We all should call any person respectfully what name they chose cause it is their legal right… Niggas are so disrespectful… Black people respect people wishes & name change, Niggas don’t. Shit! It ain’t yours,so why you acting a fool for the very people that want to see you disrespect your own people just as they hate you today… He was a great man and it’s a black name, a culture Islamic name .He’s a black man that made history and nobody name Kkaren going to tarnish this great man or his name… Again, he is and his name was changed and died as everybody know him by…




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