Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

sh*tty grown ups

It’s crazy when you realize that it’s in fact NOT your kid that leaves the toilet nasty,
But some GROWN ASS MEN 😑
Hold up bruh βœ‹πŸΎ..
You mean to tell me that, you went in the restroom to take a shit
Wiped your ass….. or not…
Got up off the toilet seat..
Saw that there’s SHIT RESIDUE stuck to the toilet bowl..
AND splashes of feces on the toilet seat…
BUT you continued your day as usual…
WITH the toilet tissue sitting on TOP of the back of the toilet or in some miscellaneous place, because YALL are TOO fucking lazy to put the tissue on the roll while you’re sitting there getting shit all over the toilet?
What kinda fucking grown ups are y’all?
THEN… when they’re done with the tissue roll,
They just get more tissue, and leave the brown empty roll in the bathroom, anywhere….
INCLUDING the empty bag that the tissue came out of, that they ARE NOT going to throw away, NOR REPLACE!
You understand ?!
These niggas not gone ever have a normal bitch…
Or a bitch at all…
And I promise when they do..
She’ll have a hard time with these muthafuckas ..
Or she just as fuckin retarded…

these are the same type of muthafuckas that treat the public restroom like its a piece of shit.
You go in there, wondering who does dumb shit like leave shit in the toilet or tissue on the floor or piss on the seats, then don’t wash their hands…
Well, don’t wonder any longer
Cuz it’s these type of GROWN ASS, over 25 years old, Gotdamn people!
very insane & ridiculous.


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