Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Talk about me

Why not,I talk lots of shit muhfuckas, so what!!! It’s not like I give one fuck because I have thick skin and lots of bullets too, just in case one of you penetrate striking a nerve nshit… I might go ballistic,then have to off a smart alec muhfucka…You niggas don’t get it… If, I happen to be your subject during your conversation, it’s understandable. I would be the perfect topic considering the magnitude of my popularity which out weighs your yearly income before taxes and you niggas still mention my name in vain… Please muhfuckas! And you unattractive bitches & stupid bitch niggas need to find something else that might be constructive then wasting your time wrecking your brain admiring me… I know it is impossible to concertrate on the thought of someone great you can’t mimic,so you’re  frustrated with yourselves…
I suggest you might not want to TALK ABOUT ME.



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