Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

@ the workplace…

…sometimes I got to look around to see if I’m unaware I am… Reason being because I thought I’m at my job until I hear muhfuckas on the phone at work, tending unrelated business at work that isn’t pertaining to our job… These muhfuckas act as if they have some prestigious lead way or alternative motives to do as they please in a place that they’re employees too. Not C.E.O.’s nshit…
Niggas does their unfinished bull shit in a legitimate place of real business…
Niggas can’t be taught to use common sense, they lack morals and has no sense of values…. This is a simple case of dealing with morons… They act like fucken wild animals at dinner time, no fucken table mannerisms or etiquette… It’s nothing a nigga isn’t capable of ruin for other black people that , wishes to accomplish something to have an impact on their legacy to carry for their future generations…. Education is taught in the home first ,training beings on the job… These niggas today lacks both especially…



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