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F*ck a secret admirer

I don’t care about a woman from afar admiring me and I don’t know who she is because a muhfucka walks up to me tapping my shoulder whispering nshit whose pointing me out wishing she can say shit to me…
Bitch, if your intentions aren’t to know me within the first fifteen minutes and not dropping your panties what else is there to discuss. This is not a negotiation, this is a first-time basis only… When you see me do not hesitate to walk up and introduce yourself,if I confirm these actions then it’s only one portion of unfinished business… That’s to merge quickly to the motel where they leave the light on in a welcoming atmosphere. Pay the cashier,get the room key and lets drink & fuck and have some slap happy fun , use your wildest imagination ladies … but, think with using your tongue, hands & pussy.
The rules were specifically designed to FUCK A SECRET ADMIRER.





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