Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Make it rain

These muhfuckas better off doing a rain dance nshit.  That expression should only be meant for wealthy muhfuckas, like niggas with money that can throw money… Rules should apply to you haven a minimum of twenty million dollars before you’re allowed to throw any currency on any stage or panty line tucking $bills…
Niggas below poverty, these are the once in awhile hit-a-lick muhfuckas out trying to be big spenders nshit and doesn’t fit any category even getting wet in the rain. Lol.
Next time you see one of them broke limited edition type niggas hands in motion to look like they’re about to toss a buck, remind them do they have any recollection what else you were supposed to have used that dollar before throwing it away ,while fronting like you aren’t below poverty level…  Niggas, you need to go feed your kids & shelter them ,take them out of the rain,while your stupid ass thinking that…
one dollar can MAKE IT RAIN .





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