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Her & her

 I don’t hate hoes,they work for a living, I respect that shit . Bitches are predictable because of their extreme bizarre behavior and disrespectful actions publicly , they love displaying ignorance . Bitches are like a cult, they plot to take over the world. They act as if nobody had it bad as they have in Amerikkka . I know, I sound a bit racist. Lol . But these aren’t just accusations against bitches , these are facts bitches claims. These are outlandish dramatizations,bitches acting proud of that kind of behavior and dare you to say different. It’s the lifestyle of being a bad bitch . Hoes, on the other hand, are hustlers, don’t hate them, just hate the occupation if,you wanna hate . They pay taxes too . There might be slight similarities between the two. But definitely, there are prejudices between the two. I can differentiate which is for the betterment of a street common platform when it comes to choosing one over the other. Fuck their reputations and whose credibility is at stake . Hoes, I understand sexual activity for profit, hopefully unharmful pleasurable shit . But a bitch is dangerous regardless no matter what’s at stake .She may be needed for collecting some sort of debts from other bitches. Those type of bitches are useful for ride or die niggas . HEY!!! Excuse me for not knowing exactly what concerns bitches . I have legitimate reasons for criticism about bitches because of my experiences . I’m just left-field without an answer for what’s best to-do with bitches . I’ve always had accomplished certain obstacles indulging HOE activity,Fun!!!  I’ve said plenty of times bitches aren’t too far from being taught Hoe-ism shit. You might say I’m somewhat biased when it comes to hoes verses bitches . You might say I fucks with HER & HER.







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