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It’s not your money

We all can relate to this,It’s when you work for for a company and come payday you’re waiting on your check from the supervisor to bring them from the main office signed and ready to be disburse to the employees… Then here’s where the drama starts, the power play, muhfuckas with authority!!! These muhfuckas stops to have a non-job-related conversation with visitors at the job,so you’re held up a period of time from receiving your check…
These fucken foreman’s nshit holds your money like it’s theirs or they paying you out of their pockets nshit as if you’ve worked for them… They want to throw their weight around for showmanship to prove it’s their day to show who’s in control until they are ready to release YOUR check… You arrogant, pompous muhfuckas are employee same as the rest of us, company employees…




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