Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

…that’s the shit poor broke bastards says when they owe you money and can’t & don’t plan to never pay up… Unlike me ,poverty stricken nshit without a gotdamn thing other than my name and it ain’t mine to own…
Like you niggas,the government also owes me too,although they pretty much own our asses at the same time. Your Uncle Sam doesn’t plan on giving black people restitution for nothing after all the shit black people been through and done for this fucken country… I guess these niggas thinks along the same lines huh? So, I guess as long Niggas & America owes us ,though I need what’s coming to me now… In the words of a stupid muhfucka that so ever said this dumb shit…
” as long as I owe you” , ” YOU’LL NEVER GO BROKE “.





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