Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Here we go again somebody wants to copy what a brother does… I write blogs ending my blogs with the title starting my blogs… Once again a brother being creative ,crafty nshit… My skills are a killer for real… I blog shit ,everyday issues doing it my style, although don’t confuse my nickname Styles, with my style. I blog shit rather it’s vulgar or sensitive & decent… I am on some incredible serious shit… I look at shit from every perspective, people of all walks of life, regardless what the fuck they do in life… I blog & say shit without giving a fuck about  consequences most times…  I blog people issues of all nationalities… I just don’t like it when a muhfucka want to copy another muhfuckas work. Then act as if they are the originator… It’s like going back into history a black man is never credit for his creation, next thing you know you’re in litigation with muhfuckas in an all white court in a lawsuit trying to save your creation… It’s a fucked up situation.
I suggest you DON’T TRY IT, WHITE BOY.





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