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Removal of the N word

First, know what niggas are and that black people aren’t represented by the word nigga. It has a universal meaning direct to all nationalities, but limited who can say it. There are niggas of all sorts everywhere… Know which niggas to differentiate from black people and others races that don’t consider themselves as niggas too.
Nigga,honky,cracker,sand nigga & white trash all these derogatory words and remarks aren’t going anywhere, that’s the reality ,fuck the thought you want to petition a word that’s embedded in the minds of the world… All your lives you muhfuckas been told: ” know YOUR name & WHO YOU are regardless what others think & say about you” .Now you want to do the impossible, erase the minds of every person that either uses the word out loud or silent in mind. If you’re not a nigga, then don’t worry about it… But, you’ll kill over the words Crip & Blood … No one can degrade you from what you are no matter what terms they use… Niggas and any other shit you despise aren’t going anywhere… I know there are people using the word nigga of all races and lots of you reading this are those very people saying “nigga” too… Fuck how muhfuckas think about you and differently, they see you . You don’t have to be called a nigga to be disrespected. The use of other dehumanizing words can end with the same results,a bloody nose or worse is possible if you lose your composure. I define a nigga by its actions, not its race… Lots of you muhfuckas, white & black refers to each other as niggas all the time. I didn’t see you shoot or raised a fist… Shut the fuck up and raise your level of self-esteem and know who you are, it doesn’t matter when someone calls you something when you see its powerless against you… Niggas will be here until the end of your world, that’s when you die… March all you want and petition to get as many signatures you can… After its all said and done… The next muhfuckas I see acting a gotdamn fool ,I’ll be the first muhfucka to call him or her,black or white a got damn nigga… Wishful thinking isn’t going to work trying to get a



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