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Happy father’s day

WHO’S going to  wish your ass happy fathers day?
…not all you muhfuckas are going to get a Happy Father’s Day notification today ,just because you trifling muhfuckas impregnated a woman .So, stop waiting to hear your Facebook chime from her or the child… The mother has instilled in the child, you weren’t shit then as she sees you now,still shit!!! If you feel she is totally incorrect then prove it, show her all of your child support receipts and pay her this upcoming month… In today’s society, you aren’t no father without the support nor invoices for & from the states supervision… You would have had to be a man of the house living in the house, fully  responsible as a father. If this doesn’t apply to you, it’s hard for anyone to believe you were ever a father… Which brings us up to date… Ask yourself, dude , are you really worth to receive a call or Facebook notification HAPPY FATHER’S DAY



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