Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

I see some of the same muhfuckas I grew up with on my facebook page. Some are relatives, real few friends & muhfuckas I would see in passing …but, not knowing who they really are and became an online friend too. I see muhfuckas that have friended me & you on our pages kissing up to that one mutual friend for whatever reasons they feel they are connected too… Maybe it’s fame, money or sex… Maybe for a favor later or just want others to know they know who you know to look good, wanting recognition of some sorts.
I have my usual suspects that are usually accurate without a doubt. I find it hard to believe that the only important thing is that any muhfucka think it’s necessary to let you know they are friends with your online members… I would have to ask why? would be the question. If ,I was concerned as if, it was a threat of terrorism of some kind… You have Facebook groupies nshit that wants to emulate you wanting to feel well-known, to be somebody special…
They want to be single out on your page for others to see them so, that they can be noticed hoping people realize that you are they friend too… I know exactly who most of these perpetrators… They are a hot minute from being publicly embarrassed.





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