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Humane Society

Animal lives matters!!! Livestock is profitable… Pets are pleasant & therapeutic… Black people lives according to American society are a small percentage of being human and evidently not enough because of the way we were & are slaughter like animals for markets & murdered throughout history and repeatedly, crimes are still taking black lives today… Animals are given more protection than the lives of black people.
How can black people go throughout their day never given a thought about the struggles of their own people and back to their respective desk jobs for the sake of being self-sufficient? Stingy nshit.
There are poor black people living in inadequate housing without a hand lifted from the uppity class niggas, You would think,they would come to the aid of their own people…
When others see you don’t want to take responsibility to help your own ,it’s no wonder other people of different nationalities prefer to avoid us and be more an advocate for the HUMANE SOCIETY.




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