Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Start digging

If I had to teach my daughter to get all she can that is good in life, I’ll teach her gold is good too…
Fuck, that bullshit these niggas talking against gold-digging.
WOMEN, you know got damn well you don’t want a broke ass muhfuckan man that can’t help you…  Niggas ,you can’t say shit, if she leaves you because you don’t have any money… Muhfuckas! No woman can live off love alone… It takes finances to function in order to have a productive relationship as well. Muhfuckas!
How stupid is that to be in a relationship cause a muhfucka, fucks you good, but no money for any means of support… It’s an important necessity. Shit people, everybody needs money…
Fuck that bullshit about ” money isn’t everything”  no it ain’t , but close!  If any girl, I know that isn’t a gold digger, she needs to be. Cause where there’s gold, there is possibly a secure future… If she isn’t a gold digger, then she needs to START DIGGING.



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