Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Remember me?

It’s on purpose when you see niggas act a fool… Reality TV is a constant reminder how big of fools niggas are on a daily basis.
How is it you apply things to your life and strive to be the best, accepting the fact it takes hard work & diligence to achieve goals you pursuit. Dreams become successful one day… Then comes along a nigga from your past wanting part of your future just because you were once friends… They want you to GIVE them what you’ve earned… Now it’s an interest of conflict. They claim your success had everything to do with them…
See how shit unfolds just because of your association with certain people you were uncertain of from day one meeting this nigga… Fuck any muhfucka that tries to rain on your parade because he was INVOLVED with you doing STUPID shit!
You front them a sack here & there during your days as a street hustler, they jumped a few niggas for you to benefit themselves because you were the muhfucka with the sack & cash & hoes, boss nigga… Now you returned. You are legal now and here are these same niggas doing the same shit, now comes out the woodwork talking that shit!!!



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