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Platform diving

True shit!  We were clowning, watching the U.S Olympic trials… The sports commentator mentioned Greg Louganis, and he was  spotlighted by the cameras … they showed an earlier segment Greg swimming with the Olympics host… Greg is gay, no secret, but it’s because he’s gay and wearing canary yellow swim trunks that the jokes started… I thought they were funny. Hey, people!!! Jokes can be funny about anybody, so shut your sensitive asses up… the jokes were funny. I’ll crack a joke on you muhfuckas, and I’ll be the only one laughing; provoking you into an ass whooping.
My neighbors were visiting and one said, “he should have a new line of swim trunks”, called:
Bagos rump,
Chlorine cheeks, or
Hand strokes & Toot tucks.
I laughed myself senselessly. You gotta find humor in everything, regardless if it’s gay, straight, black or white, it’s all in fun… that isn’t bashing any fucken body… But, if you muhfuckas got some derogatory remarks to say because of this post, then let the games begin…
Muhfuckas! We ready! Bitch muhfuckas mad because we joked about Greg Louganis, competing in PLATFORM DIVING.



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