Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

…past 50 plus is the coolest speed limit in life… It’s your understanding how life and its wonders really works… @ 50+ you gets it, better than anyone less than your age or the inexperienced ones.   You have graduated from immaturity bullshit & lack of responsibility..  At 50, you are considered an adult very much grown & deserves to be a MR & MS. Attached to your name… At 50+ you should be looked upon to be respected by all ages above & under age. At 50 plus your retirement is on the way… You are at the door steps of a new life & service on hand you can enjoy. There isn’t any room for demands, its all choice of lifestyle… Your debts, obstacles and no more younger age parenting. All are paid in full… All futuristic endeavors are all on our time… Life is going full speed at a steady pace from this day forward because we’re the 50 plus gang, unstoppable & grateful.We’re at the wheel steering whatever direction,using as many lanes we choose to drive in life…
I say for all of us 50+,we are comfortable with who we are…






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