Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Old dogs

Yes, as you call us,but we can learn new tricks taught by tricksters at our age. A trick or two wouldn’t probably be a bad idea to have at once during these near golden years… Lots of old dogs have probably been married like me now divorced ,still have miles to burn for at least 15 more illustrious years ahead. It’s too early to start licking our paws as if we’re in defeat, no more pussy. No fucken way that is going to happen…
Pussy is still the target & we are still in pursuit of the hottest tricks… So, let them cartwheel & wave a magic wand and keep their pussy popping because we refuse to be collar & chain to a rest home bed… Weren’t brain dead nor are we dead dick muhfuckas… Bring them on ,bitches,hoes, tricksters & any other negative names for good pussy packaging women.
We’ll fuck them all ,slow & fast in spurts just like OLD DOGS.



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