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Watch your mouth

People says the most incredible shit totally catches you by surprise nothing you wouldn’t expect from someone you thought respected you very much ,undoubtedly!!!  It goes to show that people are so unpredictable for various reasons without warning… They surely meant exactly what was said, so shocking & rudely without hesitation …relentless muhfuckas caring for nobody of any stature poor, rich & famous or unknown. It’s not an emotional breakdown, it’s just some random shit, said by a muhfucka that doesn’t flat-out like you without reason. There are people like this aren’t considered crazy ,maybe unorthodox … Today’s society might see it justifiable with this generation… unlike the older or dinosaur generation like myself . You don’t know who’s listening, you might want to monitor your surroundings carefully with extreme caution.
It’s best, you WATCH YOUR MOUTH.



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