Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Correct me?

…give me one good fucken reason not to cuss you muhfuckas and you have the audacity to think you can correct me about shit… How is it that your opinion of me could ever be correct? How do you come to that conclusion when in fact you don’t know me, even for those that know me still don’t know me.
I could say the same shit about you muhfuckas… Fuck you! Now, how you like that shit… If you muhfuckas were to comment, which I doubt, because of the consequences, you would probably have to reconsider and think about a Mexican standoff.
What I know about you muhfuckas might be very informative to others, using it as ammunition to reveal your darkest secrets…
Now, what muhfuckas!!! You niggas still think you can CORRECT ME?



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