Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


The era of the strange people. Dress code, Sag,pants on the ground. Hairstyles ultra coloring somehow associated with the rainbow,to remind us of what?. Jeans too skinny nshit … Shoes unisex… Botox, the new metamorphosis…
Penis & Vagina piercings tangling during sex.
Same-sex marriages & wearing identical tattoos of wedding rings.
Confusion of the sexes unidentifiable ,who is who?
Transgender couples,which of you wore the pants first & who wears the dress now…
Which one of you is legally at the urinal.
This isn’t the normalcy of life I’ve ever known…
I don’t know these specimens ,nothing like the happier days at Woodstock or the Afrocentric days of the mod squad…
These muhfuckas reminds me of MUTANTS.





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