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What If?

Frankly, I don’t give ah fuck “what if ” anything occurs or not when shit is out-of-my-hands… I have no control of that. If it’s something I want to do ,but don’t do it, I probably felt some other reason why not too, because of some “What if” shit!!!
I might think it wasn’t important enough so fuck it!!! Now,we all agree I’m a reasonable muhfucka most times without a doubt… But lately, I have been caught in some fucked up situations causing me to lash out @ certain muhfuckas on particular issues
I tend to bypass some shit for personal reasons…
But ,lucky for some of you ,I let shit slide because it could land you in a place needing medical attention fucken with me… I’m just saying because of all the bullshit and flack I received from these muhfuckas out here in society, I care not to discuss at this time…
I could really do some damage. Again,I’m just saying WHAT IF?



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