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American pie

It’s not nice to make assumptions that black people have equal rights… That’s one joke never has been funny.
You cannot expect me to be the nice good ole boy because I can’t. I’m a black man living in an unequal Amerikkka & not trying to fit in where supposedly born given rights,which don’t apply to black people… Human rights aren’t Civil Rights. I’m here as all black people should be doing, paving their own way using their capabilities to employee themselves. You get educated at home and training in schools.
Old slavery is out & modern slavery is in full effect and lots of us aren’t escaping. It’s not everything we have to escape.. partially, the system has some control advantageous we can use to capitalize on owning a piece of the AMERICAN PIE
It’s our responsibility to make & choose our own destiny… Black people have to be responsible and careful what actions we take when wanting justice of any kind in a country you are unwanted… Niggas forgets the purpose why they were brought to a stolen land and now they are relaxed and ignorant to the facts… It’s niggas that keep slavery alive for the sake of their masters,never stop loving their boss and all that he does to give these dumb niggas crumbs from the AMERICAN PIE.






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