Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

You guys…

I wouldn’t blog as much if it wasn’t for you muhfuckas… You muhfuckas fills my mind with unimaginative shit, it’s the best material… think about it,if it wasn’t for you muhfuckas stupidity, I wouldn’t be as creative enabling to soar into this universal blogosphere nshit. Your ignorance has given me an opportunity, exposing an existing group of muhfuckas you thought didn’t exist… Niggas!!! Are among us portraying normal black people… They are subconsciously a proud people of their dehumanizing race, not aware of their immortality they so exclusively adore. Niggas always amazes me how they are loaded with gumption , It rattles my brain. Niggas, the only obligation is to fuck up everything that is good ,solely for stupid shit that has no significance. Niggas existence seems significant as files are to a pile of shit for whatever ungodly reason I don’t know… Don’t ask me why they’re so destructive & if there any specific reasons for niggas living on earth. I’m not concerned why this or that, I just know niggas are here!
I think it has something to do with YOU GUYS…




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