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Here it is again, another trigger-happy white officer had another Black man to make his day. This time, it’s Alton Sterling he was only 37… Murdered, in an officer’s ultimate passionate game,killing black people… Another investigation headed by the F.B.I
another ( Fake.Black.Investigation ) Fuck another prolong investigation just to wear down the black community in more lying bureaucratic bullshit… No justice won’t be served. Then it’s back to the hunting fields & another pay day for another killer with a badge… Am I going to be murder next, because I sell a fucken DVD… Will I too get murder and left in my own blood without my daughter having her father… We know it’s a war on all black people…. Will this post get me killed? It’s possible,I’m black speaking my mind.
No, more gotdamn excuses!!! America is parading in our blood ,waving their confederate flag in our faces having no regard where it’s evident live on TV media, proving again that BLACK LIVES doesn’t MATTER and no respect,no shame…  This is a time when we need the leadership of a Malcolm X  and the Black panther party to gain back the respect of black people… America you are not going to keep this reign of terror and gruesome attacks on black people without repercussions… It’s not hard to see where you are going with these murders… The possibility of WW3 will be inside the United States… You want to war on black people and call black people racist & racial… You are being watched…
America is guilty of all charges,it has been proven many many times throughout American history .It’s true, America you are continuing the extinction of black people… Now, Black people are asking each other is my child next to get murder by another white appointed lawful killer.
like the officers who MURDER IN BATON, ROUGE, LOUISIANA.





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