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The Mexicans

The Hispanic community has joined the blacks in this war because they know they are next… White supremacist & bad cops doesn’t favor us over Mexicans nor does they favor Mexicans over blacks… We are and have been known as the same to white supremacist… The Mexicans know white supremacist HATE them too… Mexicans & blacks have had their differences in the past and future, but when it comes to White supremacists ,we never fail to emerge as a Black & Brown Familia.
Our hoods & communities have always been shared between the two nationalities…
Mexicans & Blacks know the severity of this level of racial tension… You, America can’t fool the Hispanic community just like you can’t fool us… The Mexicans and Blacks have lived together all our lives and are bound by loyalty during this raid on human lives… You will always have a war ongoing up against BLACK & BROWN PEOPLE… Don’t let muhfuckas especially that nigga, Donald Trump, get all you white people fucked up because of his Republican Confederate flag racist rants nshit… Don’t think for one moment America you are going to kill us all off . And with today’s population of Mexicans, Black and soon the Arabs and other immigrants of color will choose the side of white supremacist… America, you of all nations should know you can’t expect help from people you fucked over throughout their history too… Remember, America ,you forgot about the Hispanic leaders, they have a voice too. They’re in the same community we live… America, you aren’t trusted nowhere in the world… So, don’t take upon yourselves lying to my brown brothers while trying to turn them against us, while you try to friend THE MEXICANS.






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