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For sale by owner

America,owner of destruction & deception painting false images in the minds of black people and media watchers, outrageous shit betraying the public of all nationalities. America purposesly trying to sabotage the black lives movement.
They haven’t given up using detrimental force,because they don’t believe in their own system, knowingly  its an unjust system. War or not isn’t going to change minds of those evil killers to continue to kill… This is a act of genocide… This is the true plan what America wants to happen.
It is ridiculous to believe you can inflict an order for death on a race of people and not expect some sort of ramifications… America had to know there would be unlawful retaliation knowingly consequences wouldn’t be a concern to those felt this is their only justification to get even. People like Joe Walsh only add fuel to an ongoing burning fire at a rate getting further out-of-control… Black people didn’t start this shit or initiate any first moves…
America is the author of murder in every degree and not of ashamed of it… America will do onto others as she has to black people hundreds of years and pedaling this dope in the minds of all people to hate black people. America still want us in chains and to bring their old customary tactics of slavery back…  They work hard to put us back on the auction block. FOR SALE BY OWNER.





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