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Interracial couples

There is a middle that’s plausible in the race war right now… What about black & white couples… What is their position in all this that has happened and to come… How can they be opinionated without turmoil among themselves… It’s like Muslims & Christians arguing who’s right over which name is correct for God.
Imagine kids are involved & the scrutiny they’re under without the privilege to protect themselves without being disrespectful to their elders… They seem more to get provoke into a name-calling frenzy & animal comparison because of cross-colors, like Zebras nshit… Cruel shit! We all have some family & friends that are mixed and subjected to this behavior secretly & out loud…
Racial wars are the ugliest of them all because you’re not the same as the opposition… But, I’ve always thought to myself that you must at some point knew people were going to target regardless of this matter happening now… It’s always going to be finger pointing & whispers directed at INTERRACIAL COUPLES







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