Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Run down neighborhoods

This was meant to be funny!!! You see them everywhere a hood near you… Niggas can ruin a ghetto in its worse shape without any strenuous effort… Muhfuckas park cars on their lawns broken,ally cats & kittens on top of the car hood chewing on a pair of whitewashed extra bleached Chuck Taylors.
Trash all across the yard like it’s a city dump and these niggas sitting outside on a raggedy couch against the curve, playing dominoes nshit.
No class muhfuckas got BBQ pits prop on concrete blocks in the middle of the yard under the picture window with a chain nailed to the fucken house… Screen door hanging off on one door hinge. The grass is tall up over what appears to be a chain link fence and a gotdamn pit-bull that’s undernourished & chained to a water hydrant, snatched out the ground leaking. The dog has no house he’s standing in puddles of muddy water… Broken mini bike parts everywhere, kids got snot noses & brown shitty pampers loaded playing hide-go-seek under the house, where the dogs & chickens shit and snakes prowling for their eggs. Niggas, they don’t give a fuck how & where they live.
I have seen muhfuckas I know personally




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