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Every dog has its day

America should know this all too well, except when this dog bites, you won’t be able to sustain this bite fuck the bark. No alarm will sound off until no more movement. America has barked up the wrong tree muhfuckas…
Black people are ready!!!
Like Gil Scott-Heron said “the next revolution will not be televised” No more shooting black people down like dogs in the street… There is a certain misty flowing through the air,can you feel it America… It’s call Black justice and it’s coming for you bitch! We are mad as hell ,how long do you think it takes before drastic measures are going to be taken before you and your F.B.I can wrap your investigation and serve the proper verdict… These brothers you muhfuckas murder still haven’t been resolved & they have been put in the ground while you play don’t give a fuck cops & bonified robbers of people lives.. keep on believing this shit is over. If the murdered victims were white you would have shown the world what progress you made and arrest. Especially, if they are wealthy white folks, the ones you called Americans, not the throwback trash you give to us we called friends & neighbors…. Fuck you! Remember muhfuckas EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY.



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