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Melania Trump a joke!!!

She’s Donald Trump wife, the immigrant… this is a fucken joke right?! I had a hard time understanding half the shit she was saying standing at the podium looking out of place … She’s definitely no match to stand with the now first lady Michelle Obama. I like to hear everything that is said & understand what is being said. IS she an immigrant ,oops!!! I forgot she wassss an immigrant, she just kept her bad, broken, poor accent… After twenty years in the states, now she has her citizenship Donald probably bought long ago before presented it to her ,Lol… Melania Trump now speaks in an injunction using words US, OUR ,WE & this great nation of OURS… She came from a country that hates Americans, probably still dislike America today, the ones that couldn’t get a passport & sneak across a border in fear of immigration capturing them, except they won’t get sent back like the Haitians… Lucky for her she isn’t across the border any more… It’s clear she isn’t the best speaker & educator… Fuck the Republican Party… This shit is staged and fake… The Donald Duck Trump, he won’t win in this country in no time soon or future,which doesn’t mean shit for  black people… I don’t see her as the first or second lady of no presidency… ABC networks the cotton plantation of America tonight and its racist commentators are surely stuck with their noses under Melania dress for browning points and whatever else they think is still there after her modeling and party days & nights… Donald wife isn’t impressive nor beautiful as you people think, she just not, so change that subject during this election… She isn’t smart enough to be the first lady… This clown show tonight was an expedition of Hollywood staring another clown act… She has been brief how she should speak not to stumble her words like she did… The Trumps are nothing more than reality TV ,she clearly needs to go to a University. That shit of a speech given to her was fucken elementry, Damn! they got the repubs snowned for real… Donald’s ass kissers wasn’t fully perpared for this circus!!! MELANIA TRUMP A JOKE!!!





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