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You see this bullshit! The Trumps are a disgrace, cowards & no different than white America as a whole. Trumps clearly copy more than speeches, but to hear Melania SAY the SAME speech with a slight twist is absolutely ridiculous ,embarrassing ,shameful & sinful… How hateful is that to totally disrespect the first lady in the Face of America & black people. She didn’t flinch once,other than while she stumbled a lot because she knew it wasn’t her speech… This the shit White America does… Kill,steal and lie … This is their history since they evolved on earth… Now,you know from proof they aren’t Gods people… Fucken liars & copy cats… People like the tramps ,oops! Trumps make it harder on the other lying white folks of America. The land of the hatred. FUCK! the Trumps fake asses… Arrogant muhfuckas don’t have the nerves nor class to apologize to your own people in this country and won’t admit when you’re wrong to black people. That’s the example you set for your own thieving selves and YOUR children . Just apologize you racist muhfuckas! have some dignity… You are the worse of white liars we’ve known all through history, you are the same as you were since slavery & before & after you stolen this country… You raped Michelle Obama’s speech. DAMN! WHITE PEOPLE HAVEN’T CHANGED.



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