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Adult tv with kids

Adults watching soft porn television with their underage kids ,tell me how disturbing is that shit. If they were my kids, it ain’t no fucken way I wouldn’t see anything wrong with that irresponsible shit. And you muhfuckas dare not to complain. The immaturity of these adults thinks this is normal behavior… This the shit that’s tolerated when muhfuckas has no understanding and concept of parental guidance and decency. What muhfuckas watches sexual shit with their children and don’t blink and eye to wonder about one minute is this shit appropriate… Parenting nowadays is fucked up, kids backtalk AND go to bed whenever they want too. It’s no more family values in the home. The ” I don’t give a fuck parenting “. Check the history of a muhfucka before you get attached. A person that comes from harsh realities has the worse & unstable mindset, not understanding shit. Try to explain mannerisms to backyard chicken eating muhfuckas, you’ll be wasting your time…
That’s why to them, it’s okay watching ADULT TV WITH KIDS.



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