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Cop murderers

It’s evident, love isn’t part of the equation. What is it about killing black people, you niggas say we need to love them? Hell, the fucken racist cops are killing us undoubtedly not fearing repercussions… This shit isn’t understandable to me as a black man. I have a problem with niggas wanting a fucken love fest in the middle of extinction of black people…
Niggas know not more than to ask for forgiveness when you aren’t at fault… No wonder justice isn’t to serve ,they know after the smoke clears you muhfuckas become passive & forgiven as usual ready to hold hands and sing negros spiritual songs nshit, waiting for the healing process to take place without taking action to get a hearing in court, no satisfaction of any kind from the law… Fuck this whitewash bullshit & niggas singing Kumbaya… You dead mind niggas should want to fight instead to let them give you a slap on the wrist justice ,meaning no justice. And you want us all to be forgiven niggas like yourselves, although nothing justifiable hasn’t been done.
Black people need justice done now to these COP MURDERERS.



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