Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


I’m easy to understand, no complexities or hangups whereas you can’t get along with me… I’m kind of a goof ball with women & a vicious beast with guys… I care for the women. Guys are on their own when it’s to associate with me… I’m dominant & fearless when it comes to a face-off with guys… I’m probably your girlfriend or wives good friend of some sort. But he who thinks we’re automatically friends is definitely making a fucken mistake… Most guys friendly with me, IS FAMILY & a tiny portion of non-related muhfuckas are close as a family without a doubt. That’s a very tiny possibility.
One other thing I like to say, I am Trashbaggage .com & after each blog, you’ll see my signature * …Sly1 * if no signature, that would be my darling cousin blog, who rather remain anonymous. Courtesy of her &  …SLY1



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