Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

The truth.

America is trying to enforce us onto the endanger species list like wild animals,the black man is being hounded by all predators in human form. Because he’s God choice to spare before it all hits the fan… The white supremacist groups are working harder to implement their terror of hell here on earth before God makes his grand finale… The devil knows its hell to pay. It’s straight from this wicked government that will be dealt with by HIM, because what THIS country has allowed happening to black people, you can’t do onto us other than what God has in stored for those who wish to attempt to have the history & present of the black man & black woman remove… This all is God’s universe… It is in stone on the walls in Egypt,who God has chosen as his people then & now… You can’t kill off the black man. Impossible to kill off his design,his creation made in his image… It’s you & me ,the original man as described in the words of men who witnessed & wrote THE TRUTH.




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