Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Facebook where lots of us know one another for years.After lots of us who physically grew up together. Now, we’re reunited online & we act as if we don’t know one another, again a division between people who were friends like brothers & sisters,now new identities,like strangers accepting the fact we aren’t the same friends we once were back in the day. Now we have different perspectives & personalities, old faces same names, and a forged demeanor,seem as if we never knew each other.
We acknowledge each other for a split second just to say HEY, OH YEAH I REMEMBER YOU. Then it’s back to being just Facebook friends. Its the social media holding tank where we recognize each other online.
And not to forget we aren’t the friends we once were growing up.
To reconnect ,It’s like I’m in you guys acquaintance for the very first time.
This is to say in a social media way to address this issue, WE ALL ARE COOL, BUT NOT FRIENDS AS WE WERE. SO DON’T ACT LIKE YOU KNOW ME, BECAUSE YOU DON’T.
This is said to get you ALL to understand we can’t ever be REAL friends again cause of the many years we all been apart. You are to keep your distance & keep it JUST, Facebook Muhfuckas!!! This is shitty as it gets… And we ALL use to be REAL friends & now we complain when outsiders talk about how we don’t stick together.
Fuck this shit! A nigga is gonna be a nigga, no matter what…
And black people got plenty of nigga in themselves too.



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