Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

The empty minded niggas are the individuals that don’t think beyond traditional American everyday Holiday spirit living… Muhfuckas! Your worries are based on nothing of value or importance that isn’t beneficial to all people… You really aren’t concerned with issues & attacks on our people and that no justice ever serve… But what you are concerned about IS…
getting ready for a night out at the club.
And what you’re going to do for Christmas,
New Years & what to wear on Easter in the church.
Lots of you ignorant muhfuckas base your whole lifestyle from Soap Operas nshit…
All the American TV bullshit…
The minute someone tries to teach you black history you say,
“I don’t wanna hear that slave shit”
This tells us a great deal what you come from and what kind of parenting you had as a child growing up… You, niggas, love jungle fever & jigaboos embarrassment lifestyle shit… The Charles Barkley’s of the world… You muhfuckas need a lesson how America IS run. You cannot live in this country thinking you have the similarities of white people or equal to the RICH whites folks, regardless you have a Slam dunk NBA contract in sports or business… Muhfuckas, you need to learn quick who you are in America. In this good ole US of A., They see you only as a black muhfucka either with money or a nigga without money. Black people have to make their own destiny in this muhfucka.




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