Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage


Who’s the confused people and don’t care to recognize the truth? Black people that are Christians don’t mind false images of what their perception is of GOD, thus the description they believe he supposes to LOOK like… This the shit I don’t sympathize with but, you niggas will say it in a heartbeat ,poisoning the minds of black children thinking GOD is white, blonde string hair & blue-eyed . The exact same description of slave masters… You are so in love with your masters you believe he’s the perfect picture of GOD… Black people should know better, white America doesn’t mind shoving these lies & preacher’s rhetoric of a WHITE JESUS on your walls you niggas worship. They rather shove that shit in our faces & down our throats to induce us into believing anything they say… They say lay down and you muhfuckas falls out as if, you just caught the holy ghost… No disrespect intended, but you know how you muhfuckas think.



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