Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

N*ggas are lost

These niggas need to know we aren’t the same as white folks in Amerikkka , even @ birth, because the color of our skin… We have similarities but different ideology about life, our perspectives ARE different of government, the system, and this prejudice design curriculum. This shit doesn’t apply to black people… our struggles aren’t the same we aren’t the oppressors. Muhfuckas! We are victims of the oppressors leaving a legacy of misguided & misleading Negros hating themselves, due to cause lack of knowledge to whereas why they can’t realize the ignorance of what they inherited. The slave mentality. Today’s elderly from the 30’s era are dying out leaving their Negro spiritual ways to their grandchildren & great grandchildren. They adopted their thinking and loving everything about white people including WHITE JESUS & their negro pastor’s slave doctrine of Christianity. The black gospel leaders read you biblical stories from a bible that places you in BLACK lands since the beginning of man. Then you get interpreted lies and fiction shit told to you and your children. The white man doctrine. Your bible tour guide refused to acknowledge every existence of the black man from the book of supposedly being written from the WORD of God. Now we have brain-dead niggas & blind, who can’t see and don’t want to experience the truth. We,the understanding black people are hated by our own people… This is the resistance of a nigga taught to love his master and hate his own race… NIGGAS ARE LOST.



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