Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

“Be happy”

Check this out… We as black people are always suggesting shit what you and every other muhfuckas should do involve helping black people… But what is it you actually contribute other than make suggestions… I figured on my part to build computers and give away to kids as I have throughout my years on my behalf… This is not a challenge nobody needs to mention. Because nobody finds a reason to help! Only to make excuses why they won’t or can’t help… This is a gesture we should all want to be involved with helping one another. But we pump our fist and have the audacity to get piss, point fingers and say,”this just another nigga talking shit” See in response to this, what I’m sure to receive from the other tribe NIGGAS , it’s going to be some bullshit after its all said and done… Don’t worry muhfuckas as the song say ,I’m sure you muhfuckas have no worries.
I’m sure you all simply will just “BE HAPPY”.




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