Where Anything Goes twitter/trashbaggage

Gay muhf*ckas!

Okay, here we go again. Niggas won’t recognize what’s wrong with their lifestyle, whereas old school muhfuckas ridicule these youngsters for wearing shit, ass out & pants down. Niggas, that’s an invitation to your nasty ass, sexually, for a prompt response. You muhfuckas don’t even consider the indecency of your own self-destruction. You muhfuckas want another man to admire your nasty ass then have the audaciousness to say you’re not gay… YES, YOU ARE , Stupid! You niggas represent homosexuality in the filthiest manner…. It’s obvious you are stupid nshit, not knowing you are secret gays. After displaying your ass out for public offerings. Understandably you have no shame because you are proud of your gayISH behavior… The gay community is probably reading this in disarray & disappointed with me for trying to associate & connect you indecent nasty muhfuckas to their lifestyle… What you dumb fucks don’t understand is that the WORLD sees how foolish you clowns really believe you think that down-low shit is cool. Ignorant Muhfuckas! We all see you tolerated society boy TOYS as hoes with the same thoughts, drawing the same conclusions. You muhfuckas are bottom scale and rated stupid!!!




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